How Does FaceMatch Work?

Step 1 - Parents/Guardians

Step 1


After completing the FaceMatch parent registration, you will be asked to provide the email address of your child's clinical geneticist/medical specialist.

The FaceMatch Project will send an invitation to your nominated doctor asking them to take part in the project.

Your doctor will receive information about FaceMatch via email, but there is an optional letter in the resource section which you may choose to show to your doctor as well.

Step 2 - Doctors

Step 2


Your nominated doctor is required to accept the invitation and provide additional medical and genetic information on your child's profile page. The content of your child’s profile page can be viewed by both the parent/guardian and doctor.

Step 3 - Face-Matching

Step 3


Once the parent and doctor have completed the child profile page, all new images are matched against images stored within the secure FaceMatch photo database.

The chance of finding a facial match will increase over time, as more parents enrol their diagnosed and undiagnosed children.

We encourage parents to provide additional photographs as a child grows older. High-probability facial matches are monitored by the FaceMatch clinical research team.

Step 4 - Reporting

Step 4


The FaceMatch clinical research team will report high-probability facial matches to parents or guardians through their nominated doctor.

If a match is made, the doctor is available to provide ongoing investigation, management and support to parents or guardians.